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Anti-Drug Human Chain

The prevalence of Drug addiction and abuse has vastly increased after the post COVID time in Kerala. Ill usage of drugs is mainly seen among youngsters and usually initiated during teenage period.In order tobring awareness, on harmful effect of drug abuse,among students and the general public, “NO TO DRUGS” campaign was organised by the Department of Public Health Dentistry, GDC Alappuzha in association with Student’s union and NSS unit of the institution on 1st November 2022.

The Doctors and Students of Govt Dental College, Alappuzha formed a human chain, instructed by DME as a part of LAHARI VIMUKTHA KERALAM from 8am to 10am on November 1st 2022. The function was inaugurated by H. Salam MLA, Ambalapuzha at TDMC. Around 250 participants from this institution were assembled near the National Highway in front of TD Medical College, Vandanam holding placards and posters on drug abuse awareness, following which a pledge against drugs was taken. Slogans were raised “മദ്യംവേണ്ടാ...പുകവലിവേണ്ടാ.. മർത്യർക്കിനിമേൽലഹരികൾവേണ്ടാ !!!”.

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